I am a swim suit model, athlete, playboy and your soon to by ex-boyfriend’s worst enemy all bundled up into a perfect treat. Mix in some spice, throw me into my finest suit and you got yourself a man your girlfriends will kill for. All the other men in your life were just practice until me. Hahahha…………….

Ok all jokes aside this is my journey through Montreal and my wonderful life. Its an honor to be amongst the likes of you all. Life is great so why not write about it. Many years from now maybe I can look back and see how you and I and had a blast.

On my way I`ll review my reality. From the Cars I drive, to the watches I wear; The Good stuff, the Real stuff; Events I actually attend, Friends I have, Suits I wear and People I really met.

Welcome to my world, and hope you enjoy the ride…


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